Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Marx Car of the Future

Car of the Future, Marx, USA,
When most cars (the real ones) in the 50ies started looking like spaceships, toycompany MARX had to go the extra mile to get a futuristic look that was not yet used on one of the Cadillacs or Desotos of that time...

Gone are the side fins. Let's add a turbine (sparkles) and ... hmmm, let's make it a three wheeler. Lots of modern looking futuristic gauges and a glass canopy instead of a windshield will do the trick too. And the driver, either definitely greenish alien or very very roadsick humanoid... Now tricky question: was this car made before or after Virgil Exner's "forward look" ?

Car of the Future cockpit (detail), Marx, USA,

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