Monday, February 7, 2011

X-300, but the English one...

A lot of toy companies swapped molds and parts around the globe. It is not unseen to have robots that were produced first in Japan, then Hong Kong, then Taiwan... just to find them some years later with the "made in China" label. This swapping of molds went on also in the USA. In this case the Pyro company sent their molds to England and Australia, where similar (but very often more colorfull versions) of the same toys were made under the Kleeware, Tudor Rose or Moldex brand. This X-300 spaceship has the "made in England" stamp - but weirdly enough is missing the astronaut on the seat and any type of indication that there was an astonaut in the first place (read "no opening for any peg in the seat")

X-300 Spacecruiser, Kleeware or Tudor Rose, U.K.,


  1. Now that is interesting, I have a very old ~1950/51(ish) Tudor Rose red X-300 with grey astronaught, I have an X-400 from later, maybe 1960 which I am sure has the two astronaughts, both spaceships look far better mouldings than your grey one - were they reissued yet again?

  2. Hello David, I'd love to see a picture ! What do you mean with "two astronauts" ? Were they seated side by side ?