Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bootlegs... China's best !

Power-Man, ?, China, 2000's
I know some collectors only do collect these... I just love them because : 1) they are cheap (yes, we do have a financial crisis over here in Portugal) and 2) they are much more naive than most of the "licensed" toys that try to get up to the latest detail of the particular movie / cartoon or serie.

Then also, they are stupidly fragile. Give these to any kid and they will last 2 or 3 hours max without loosing an arm or head, catch fire or give a lead-paint or other nasty chemical reaction to your cherished ones... So, from the collectors point of view - really fragile is really hard to find in good condition in 20-30 years, right ? Fisher Price toys are not that hard to find because they can withstand an Elephant playing with them... These? Not even an ant...


  1. just bought the one this past weekend, at the Feira de velharias da Fuseta. love bootlegs :-)

  2. Here is mine:

  3. This is cool Cine31 ! I did not know they made them / sold them in individual packaging :)

  4. :) And I think I have the Superman too, but it's loose and when I bought a few months ago the S shield is missing. And I think I saw for sale (also loose) a Batman, very similiar to these two. It was a shame that I didn't buy it :(