Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's a robot ? No ! It's a freakin' walkin' radiator !

Kaiju Radiator Monster (?), ?, China, 2000's

Some Kaiju designs are so extreme you kind of wonder what the creators were thinking about (or smoking) when they came up with these ideas. This is a monster of some sort (maybe from Ultraman ? or others ? please help me out).

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Headgear for space

Space Helmet, J&L.R.Ltd., England,
Love that music !

Space Helmet, no markings, England ?
1950's ?
The blue, red and yellow helmet is an obvious English version of the American Renwall helmet (by the way, I am still looking for the clicker gun that goes with it). The red, yellow and pink version, however, I have no clue. It seems that the thickness of the plastic is different (especially the head-piece is thinner) as well as differences in the closing at the back. (it is in one piece - the yellow version is splitted at the back for easier opening). Any extra information ?

OK, here we have some news on the yellow helmet:

"The markings are for J & L Randall otherwise known as Merit Toys, the company had been called Bellbefore the J and the L got married! "

and regarding the red and pink one:

"the Merit moulds went to PPP/Gaugemaster in the 1990's, they wouldn't have reproduced it, they only deal with model railways and there is little market for that sort of toy now, but maybe the unmarked one is Bell? If the mouldings are the same, they will both be Bell/Merit. But...Merit was a bit of a pirate....Pyro being a victim?"
Thank you Hugh !

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rainbow rayrifles ...

A little time ago I showed you some Portuguese versions of the Pyro rifle. Here are some more, in different colors...

Space rifle, Sirolite,
Portugal, 1950's

orange and red - versions

Thursday, November 21, 2013


 Wookie wookie, where's your scalp wookie ? 

I got a backpack !
Mighty Muggs Boba Fett, Hasbro, China,

Boba Fett, Funko, 2010's, China
Boba, large bobble head, China, 2010's

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pick-up : Back to the Future

Futuristic Truck (FORD ?), OK toys, Hong Kong, 1960's (?)

Straight from the Syd Mead - FORD years comes this prototype of a pick-up truck. Low, very low. Bubble top. Twin Headlights.

You remember Syd Mead, right ? He's the guy responsible for all the Blade Runner vehicles...

The design is quite similar to the one of the Ford Nucleon designed by Jim Powers in 1958...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kitsh B-movie type figurines...

Invasion of the Monster Women, Accoutrements, China, 2002

OK, you have Draconia, Vampira, Sarapede, Reptilica, Tarantuella and the Scorpion Queen. Not a lot to say here except when they sting and bite it hurts like hell...

These are some of the weirdest rubber figures I have seen, and they are pretty recent, even though based on the pulp characters from the 50ies and 60ies....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's a saucer - no , it's a gun - a saucer - nope, a gun...

These Spanish and their platillos volantes !
Yes, at the squeeze of the trigger these 2 frontal discs will fly !
You get red, blue and tan spacemen in the cockpit...
... and you get a pair of goggles to look like Elton John !
And you even get some reading on astronomy !
 Great artwork ! The helmet on the astronauts is once more a reminiscence of Dan Dare's outfit.

Really a superb toy that represents the epitome of Spanish toy design. (thank you, B. !)
Master Flying Gun, Jecsan, Spain, 1954