Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Baby Astro needs a nap !

... 'cause if he doesn't sleep he'll be cranky all day long. And like this he won't be able to save the world... So ? Siesta time :)

Astro piggybanks, ZCWO, China, 2014

Sunday, March 1, 2015

pictures of yesterday's toy fair in Lisbon

Lot's of afluence yesterday...

Lot of blue MUPI tapes with projector

Can you spot Heidi ? and Prof. Calculus / Tournessol ?

Tin toys

... and lots of plastic

The one I had to let go...

More tin

One of the 2 (!) RAJA space ships on the fair. This one orange

... and here the blue

Not sure what make ? looks like a mixture of a Ford and a Buick.

Charlie, Reliable toys Canada

Boats and bees

... and beetles too !

Plastic busses - Portuguese

my booth

Ford cars transporter