Friday, March 29, 2013

Another copperhead...

Spaceman, Alpia, Italy, 1950's
Ah, rivets and a chubby-face ... The bronze finish on the plastic makes it statue-esque. And it has a hair-dryer style gun. Pure future...

Ultimate fire power for a spaceman

Pistola Espacial Lanzaflechas, Picolo, Argentina, 1970's ?
This gun is like a Colt Pacemaker made for young astronauts... 4 darts can be shot at quite quick rate with rotating barrels that automatically get into position every time you reload the gun's mechanism.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Korean Ken

BOTP Ken, ?, Korea, 1980's

Japanese culture flowed not only to Europe, but to lots of other asiatic countries also. Korea (South) grew up with a bunch of the same cartoons I saw in Belgium when I was a kid, and Korean toy companies were quick to cash in, making very often plastic versions of the Japanese diecast toys from Popy or Takatoku...

This Ken figurine came with the Gold Phoenix ship seen here...Gold Phoenix Korea

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The one ring...

Mime and the ring,
Furuta, Japan, 1999
...forged out of the Rheingold 

What do you get when you get Wagner, Harlock, Alberich, the Valkyries and the gods of the Walhalla together ? Maybe one of the darkest OAV's in the Matsumoto universe... Harlock Saga.

Check here for the story : wikipedia

Cosmodragoon, Furuta, Japan, 1999
Toshiro's bird, Furuta, Japan 1999

Others call it the Arcadia...
Deathshadow,  Furuta, Japan 1999

Mime the organ player... Furuta, Japan 1999
Captain Harlock, Furuta, Japan 1999

Emaraldas, Furuta, Japan 1999

Toshiro, Furuta, Japan 1999

Kent, Clark Kent

Superman, Mc Donald's (PPW) China, 1999

This year will be the 75th anniversary of ACTION COMICS #1. For the non-geeks, this is when the "gran-daddy" of all superheroes was first published. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, it has seen quite some changes in facial features, uniform and logo over the years, but remains the icon of bravery for generations to come...


Little note, a single original copy of "ACTION COMICS #1" sold for over $2 million (USD) in 2011. Note to all parents in the world - don't throw your kids comics and other books away... ever. (idem for toys)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The girl from the Alps, the boy from the Alps and the kid with the monkey...

Heidi, Girl of the Alps (アルプスの少女ハイジ Arupusu no Shōjo Haiji?) is a 1974 anime series by Zuiyo Enterprises based on the Swiss novel Heidi's Years of Wandering and Learning by Johanna Spyri (1880). It was directed by Isao Takahata and features Yoichi Kotabe (character design and animation director), Toyoo Ashida (co-character design and animation director), Yoshiyuki Tomino(storyboard), and Hayao Miyazaki (scene design and layout).

Pedro, IMI (or "MI" ?), Spain, 1975
Heidi, IMI (or "MI" ?), Spain, 1975

Heidi is one of several World Masterpiece Theater titles produced around the "classical children's literature period" (1974–1997), based on classic tales from around the world.

3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (母をたずねて三千里 Haha o Tazunete Sanzenri?) is a Japanese anime television series directed by Isao Takahata and aired in 1976. It is loosely based on a small part of the novel Heart (Cuore) by Edmondo De Amicis, i.e. the monthly tale (racconto mensile) From the Apennines to the Andes (Dagli Appennini alle Ande), widely expanded into a 52-episode epic.

Marco, IMI (or "MI" ?), Spain, 1970's 
The series was dubbed into several languages and became an instant success in some countries, such as Portugal, Brazil, Spain,Venezuela, Colombia, Germany, Chile, Turkey, the Arab world and Israel. In Hebrew, the series is called HaLev(הלב), meaning The Heart (the name of the novel which the series is based on, and which itself was translated in Hebrew and used to be very popular in 1990s Israel). In some European and in Latin American countries the series is simply known as Marco. In Arabic the series was a huge success, it was called "Wada'an Marco" ("وداعاً ماركو"), meaning "Goodbye Marco".

(Source: Wikipedia)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Read to change your world !

This post is dedicated  to the woman I love and her passion for children's books. She passed the joys of reading to our son. Without her, I don't even know if this blog would have existed. Thank you Chia.

Marc l'Astronaute, Collection Poupard,
Artima, Tourcoing, 1971...
...1979 reedition. Juan Ferrandíz

This is probably THE book that made me collect things from space and made me dream of the future when I was a kid... It had it all, from space scooters to flying dishes and fruit that could be modified to taste whatever flavour/dish you wanted.

On the last page, there is even a local "alien" with what seems to be a tabet in his hand... 40 some years before the IPAD was born... Quite visionary.

The original title was "Amadeo Astronauta". Juan Ferrandíz, the author, became famous for his drawings and figurines of children and angels and for his nativety scenes. Read more about him here : Wikipedia - Spain.

Planète BIRBA !

fruit that taste like codfish...

cars ? who needs them ?

Atomic power was the energy of the future...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Flexy Capitan Futuro

Rubberface is quite close to the cartoon...

Capitaine Flam lalalá.... Or Captain Future/Capitan Futuro for all the rest of you... Even though Ceppi Rati made all the flexies for other figurines in Italy, Mattel got the rights on the serie so our Captain came out with Mattel packaging, quite similar to the other (Big Jim and Diecast) designs...

I have 2 hairdryers on my belt !
Capitan Futuro, Mattel, 1980, Italy


Metal and plastic Robocon canisters (each w/different top), Japan
 I still don't know what these were made for. The antenas go up and give access to the inside of the can.

Happy, Angry, Hypnotized... all in a different mood |

Don't cry...

No money ? Make your toy yourself !

Find the links here...Cubeecraft - Cubeecraft 2

Cubeecraft Astro

Cubeecraft Grandizer

Cubecraft Harlock

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leia Organa going for it...

Yes, Disney... what it will do to you...

Leia Hoth, Kenner, 1980 HK
Leia Endor, Kenner, 1983 HK
Leia Bespin, Kenner, 1980 HK

Monday, March 11, 2013

What a nice moustache...

If Picasso had his Gundam that would be the one... heavy diecast toy - "titanium" alloy legs. Oh yes, and a moustache à la Hercule Poirot...

Turn "A"Gundam, Bandai, Japan, 1999

With shield
Where's my bowling ball?
With pulse rifle

Getter 2 - let me drill you...

Raider, Monogram, USA, 1970's

Why did they call the Getter 2 the "Raider" robot in the USA ? We will never know. The toy/model had 2 "secret" compartments in the feet, but these were just the reminescent battery boxes of a Japnese version of the kit.