Saturday, March 24, 2012

Green Hornet's Black Beauty

Batman was not the only masked vigilante of the 70'ies... A little lesser known is another hero : Green Hornet. With Bruce Lee as sidekick ("Kato") - he also needed some wheels. Maybe not as elaborate as the Batmobile, his "Black Beauty" also had a number of secret gadgets hidden everywhere.

Black Beauty, Corgi Toys, U.K.,

Oh noooo - my ears !

Siren gun, (?), Japan, 1970's

Some toys can be pretty hellish to parents. This is one of them. You're not going to destroy the galaxy with it, oh no... Just some eardrums and the nerves of whoever stays in a 50m radius.

I'ts a lizard ? No ! It's a space aqua alien amphibious guy !

Lizard Alien, Kinder (?), Italy, 1970's

Years before the original "V" series, aliens and reptiles already made a good match - in the style of Ed Wood movies and pulp Sci-Fi.

I've had this little Alien in my collection since my teens (and I'm 40 now !). The helmet is original to this figure.

Don't you play with fire !...

Lighter robot, (Popy knockoff), China,
A lot of politically incorrect toys have made it to the hands of our kids. So much so, that a whole new blog could be made on this subject. This is one of those... In an attempt to get new ideas about "transformer robots", lots of very weird items were designed. There were of course the Rocklords (robots that could transform in ... a stone - how exciting !) and little robots in forms of lighters. For all of you would be smokers (or worse, child arsons/pyromaniacs).

The original "lighter transformer robot" came from Japan (courtesy of Popy/Bandia) - but China quickly copied...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lost In Space...

Outer Space Robot, AHI, Hong Kong

Together with Robbie the Robot, this is one of Hollywood's most reknown tin cans... AHI of Hong Kong made two different versions of this bot - one with an official (let's pay royalties - kind) box and another one with the name "Outer Space Robot".

The toys themselves were identical.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When travelling through space... wear rubber suits and be safe...

Some other spaceman to look for. These fellows are US-made and have a design of their own...

Outer Space Alien Spaceman,
Thomas, USA, 1950's
Spaceman, Poplar Playthings,
USA, 1950's
Spaceman, Thomas Toys,

Monday, March 12, 2012

SD Brave Battle Warriors from Gundam

Chohi Gundam,Bandai, China,
Chohi Gundam,Bandai, China,

Shin Chouun Gundam Hieisen,
Bandai, China,2010

Shin Chouun Gundam Hieisen,
Bandai, China, 2010

They're cute and well equipped. Samurai Warriors for the future ! Hasshin !

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cruisin' down Gotham

Batmobile and Batboat, Corgi Toys, Great Britain, 1970's

Maybe the toy that was sold the most in the history of the Caped Crusader is this one. It had it all: spring loaded missile tubes, saw-blade emerging from the front grille, real working suspension, and even a full sized carved Batman (?) on the bottom of the car. Take as an extra the Glastron Batboat on a trailer and Bats and Robin could go camping, fishing, ... and catching bad guys - all at the same time. Holly Roadtrip, Batman !

For the story, this is my Batmobile that my mom gave me when I went skiing for the first (and only time) in my life (with my primary school - I was 11 years old). First time away "all alone" for a week in Tirol. I found it in my luggage and kept it preciously through all these years...

It's Halloween time - where is my ghost costume ?

E.T., LJN, Hong Kong,
Can't seem to find it. I will have to ask Elliott if he has a clue...

Sympathic Plastic

A two-faced robot ? Hmmm, the head looks like it is quite mad at the world - but then, why would he have a "clown's face" on the belly ? (come on... that missile type of device that shoots out looks like Rudolf the Reindeer's nose to me)

Robot ?, Japan, 1960's-70's
push on my head to see my belly-button fly!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

4 saucers (where's the teapot ?)

Lots and lots of toys were made during the "Goldorak(e)" craze in the late 70ies. Below are 4 variations of the Grandizer saucer... All readily available at that time on the European market.

Grandizer Spazer shampoo, ?
France ?, 1970's
Grandizer with Spazer, Popy,
Japan, 1970's

Flying Saucer, "L.A.", Taiwan,

Flying Saucer, (PLAYME ?),
Spain ?, 1970's

... or feeling grey ?

Astronaut (keychain), Germany ?, 1950's

Well, at least this one will not suffocate to death in deep space...

Feeling blue ? Go to Mars !

Blue Spaceman keyring (missing helmet), Germany ?
It is in the little knick-knacks that come along that you can see the pre-Nasa low-tech gear that the astronauts would use for the exploration of the universe.

Beam me up, Scotty !

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My other block head....

Electric Robot, Marx, USA, 1950's
Another classic US-design. This robot is a pure example of the atomic 50'ies - with a grin that is either laughing at you or trying to teach kids to brush their teeth ! (hey, I ate too much oily candy and now my mouth is looking like a radiator !)

Finish it up with a Morse Code chart on the back of his head (yes, robots of that time did not speak in Bits and Bytes, but in Morse - through a buzzer system...) and a son that is always kind of missing (help me find him back) and you have the all mighty skirted Mr. Electric Robot.

Together with Robert - they are some of Marx's best.

Another one I am trying to find is Big Loo - if you have one lying around please contact me. This would make the familly even more complete !) (see my wanted list at the right side).

No Rex ! Don't chew on my Mazinger... Good dog !

Mazinger "pet toy" (no markings), ?
Sometimes the strange and weird come along the life of a collector. Why did they do it ? Who would give a rubber chew Mazinger to their favorite pet ? The rubber in this case is very thin. Any teeth would have destroyed it in seconds...

So now you know what ex-employees of Bandai, Popy, Bullmark etc. do when they get fired. They copy toys and give them to Rotweilers for destruction !