Sunday, September 30, 2012

We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine,...

TB-4, Matchbox, China
Ok, ok... too easy !

Dinosaur gun has a cousin !

Ah ! Freshly packaged weaponry...
See here and find the differences:

Tommy Junior gun, maker unknown ("apple" logotype),
Japan, 1960's

Portuguese space arsenal

Raygun, Pepe / Jacto, Portugal, 1960's ?

Raygun, Pepe / Jacto, Portugal, 1960's ?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Buck's Starfighter

Buck Rogers Starfighter, Corgi, Great Britain, 1980
Where is Twiki bidibidibip ? Corgi had to link the 2 frontal tubes on this toy, countrary to the movie version, to avoid injuries or death due to little kids stabbing each

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jupiter Robot

behold the Jupiter Robot, KO, Japan,

There is a Saturn robot, right ? and a
Mars King...

Who's behind the grill ?
Copycats !

One of the Robby look alikes - but not that obvious. I really like the Kendo-mask... It gives it a certain "Samourai" kind of air... Also, front lithoed chest panel is nice and funky... I am all yours, master !

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A special thank you ! 10.000 visits !

For Chia, who got me doing this blog in the first place. Big thank you !

Big thanks also for my 10.000+ visitors who, all over the planet, are like me keeping their dreams and heroes very much alive...


Head in search of body !

DX Combattler PA-78 (head), Popy, Japan,
Popy is the company that got the most out of the Godaikin - Shogun Warriors line of toys. Their diecast renderings of the popular TV-robots are one of a kind.

They quickly realized that a new way of selling toys could be in parts. If your parents could not buy the whole toy, well, you still had a chance to buy it in pieces, one bodypart at the time... Great for kids to spend their allowance ! Or for markets that did not have the purchase capacities of, say, the U.S....

These robots were also sold "whole" - for the rich kids !

(see also the VOLTES V ad in my "TV TOY ADVERTISING" -page (link on the right))

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flying Whale

This is how they saw us travel in the future...
Midgetoy (midget - toy; got it ?) was one of the american companies that wanted to benefit from the diecast boom launched by Tootsietoy. They made smaller (and cheaper) vehicles.

Hey, fins ! Who would've thought ?
Spaceship, Midgetoy, USA, 1950's
I am particularly found of these because they were made not that far away from where I spent my US-highschool year as an exchange-student. (we often went to Rockford ;) More info here

Mazone ship - where are the Sylvidres ?

Mazone ship (built), Takara, Japan, 1970's
Yes, we had some freaking great cartoons when we were kids ! No wonder I had nightmares all the time !

Monday, September 17, 2012

Astro going Chinese ?

Nǐ Hǎo - 你好 - Hello !
Astro Bot in China, Tezuka Moderno
World, Play Set Products, China, 2010

The father of manga
Osamu Tezuka

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Xerox Copy... of the MB StarBird toy !

A diecast Starbird ? Look at the cockpit !

Pull-back Space Vehicle 3, No.2401-3, Hong Kong, 1980's

Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Gundams bébé...

BB #163 Buiou Daishougun Kirahagane Gokusai, Bandai, Japan,

CB #04 Knight Gundam GP01 Jr, Bandai,
CB #04 Knight Gundam GP01 Jr, Bandai,

BB #172 Gouken Gundam Kirahagane Gokusai, Bandai, Japan

BB #158 Tenrei Gundam Kirahagane Gokusai, Bandai, Japan,

BB #167 Kishin Daishougun Shiryuuou Kirahagane Gokusai, Bandai,
Japan, 2010

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mechanik Orange...

Rubber robot, Daikengo, Hong Kong ?
This is one that could go straight to the Fugly Challenge on Toybox DX (see favorite sites on the left)... Feira da Ladra. Lisboa.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Plasticraft "mystery"

Sometimes, the link between different toys is quite difficult to pinpoint. These spacemen are one of these cases. The mold is the same as the US-made Plasticraft - but the plastic is softer. The background I got them on seems original - but no make whatsoever...

21/10/2012 - I just noticed an Ebay sale that marks these figures as Spanish - from toymaker "Linde" ?

Spacemen, Linde (?), Plasticraft copy, Spain , 1950's

Spaceman, Plasticraft ?
Kneeling Spaceman, Plasticraft Copy ?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spacemen - Going to Buenos Aires ?

"Space Soldiers", Birmania, Industria Argentina,
1950's (?)
... These will even dance the tango on the moon. Quite crude - and chubby - with big helmets !

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Don't loose the key !

"Le Voyage dans la Lune" - Georges Miéliès
France, 1902
I just saw the movie "HUGO" by Scorcese about the life of Miéliès, the creator of the first "Science Fiction" movie ever, and the whole story involving keys.

Toy (windup) keys
Yes, toy-collectors love keys. And automata... Most of the wind-up robots and animals in my collection have mechanisms that are very similar to the ones found in watches and clocks. Precision manufactured and perfectly oiled gears that bring these toys to life...

Even the "electric" robots (read "Battery Powered") have remanescents of that era - with plastic sprockets replacing brass gears - and litho panels that could inspire Tim Burton.

Litho chest panel (detail), Lantern Robot (HAHA reproduction)
China, 2010's
Finding old toys is difficult... Finding them in working order with the original key a challenge... But then, challenges is what a hobby is all about...

Giraffe, Max Carl Original, W-Germany,
One of my son's favorite toys when he was
younger... loved that spinning tail !