Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spacemen or divers ?

Spacemen, Cherilea , UK, 1960ies

I never really quite understood the design behind these. I think it would rather be clumsy to have your backpack bellyside if you were an astronaut... and these tubes, gosh ! The different types of helmets is quite intriguing as well...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

When Mexico meets Japan in making fake toys...

Astro-"Homer"Boy, ?, Mexico, 2010's

OK, this is for the freaky funky ugly Hall of Fame of toys. Just one question pops into my mind : WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? (or what drugs were they on when they created this?)

I just know I like it and had to have it!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Robin's ride ? Honda.

Bruce Wayne's sidekick always had a pasion for two wheeled superbikes... as shown in this toy from the 70ies. Forget American Muscle... this is Japanese technology at its best !

No helmet ?
Robin bike, Gulliver ?, Brasil, 1970's

Now I can race Superman : Honda against Suzuki, ... how nice

Poor Batman... where is your bike ?
It was stolen ? Damn you Joker !

Sunday, October 12, 2014

When Batman meets Obelix...

licensed ...

OK, I know the caped crusader had a rough life, but come on ! Holly Pizza Batman ! What will Cats say ? Chasing psychopats around Gotham makes you hungry ? Drinking to much Guiness at the Irish pub with friend Gordon ?

French toymaker JIM made this figurine - the ring on the head meant it could be worn as a pendant of some sort...

Batman, JIM, France, 1970's
The funny thing is that later on, in the 1986 "The Dark Knight Returns" novel to be precise, there is a 55 year old version of Batman going back into the cape. And he doesn't look very slim either.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

7 Zark 7 fanclub... Members wanted !

7 Zark 7 keyholder, ?, Spain, 1970's
For all of you Gatchaman fans out there... Yes, there was another robot in the second series. But it did not have any of the charisma of this one...

Hanging out with the bro's... where is 1 Rover 1 and Susan?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Christine, not tonight baby !

When Stephen King wanted a specific model for a possessed car, that was it ! The best Detroit had to offer in the late 50's : Virgil Exner Forwart Look, with twin headlights for that devilish "je ne sais quoi ..."

OK, don't give me that look ! Royal Red and Iceberg White

Guillotine ? No need, ... I've got a trunk !

Who are we going to frighten tonight ? 

Christine 1:43, Auto World, China, 2013

Plymouth 58 assembly line, Detroit (photo Forwardlook.net)