Monday, August 31, 2015

The feathers of the mighty peacock...

Two indians with tomahawk, lead, John Hill, England, 1930's

When I was a kid, I would grab just any feather I found on the street and put it into my hair to be a Sioux or Apache Indian... Lots of pigeons feathers, basically... nothing really fancy.

These 2 figurines went the full Monty. Not really easy to go to battle dressed like that, but for the tribal dances they get first price.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

O tinman ! Tell me the date !

Desk calendar / aluminium robot on plexi base, maker
 unknown, Mexico, 1960 ? 

It is always nice to know what day it is, and month... even if this means some manual fingerwork !

Nowedays our computerscreen has it all. This little fellow dates of times before computers, times of inkwells and fountain pens and...

I think Maria had one of those at her desk in Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The man with the golden gun...

Spacegun, no markings, Taiwan ?, 1980's

Unusual raygun - Lisbon's fleamarket as usual... A battery version of this toy also exists called Space Commander 2001 and makes horrible (strident) noises... Just enough to send your parents to the madhouse, or to Mars, whichever comes first...

Internet foto on file

Monday, August 10, 2015

Say hello to "Le Robot"

Robot, Villac, France, 2000's

OK, looks like Mr. Michelin aka Bibendum - but this is a whole new design. Made by the French wooden toy company Villac (also known for their Babar and Tintin licenses), this wooden robot is quite classic all the way. I like the no nonsense red slits for eyes. And that big red button on its belly ? NOOOO - Don't touch the red button ! Images of end of the world come to mind... Limbs are fixed to the body by strings - so they are moveable.