Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ray Guns

Nevada Ray Gun, CO-MA, Italy,
A more civilized weapon for a more civilized time... was what Obi-Wan called the lightsaber in the Star Wars trilogy. Fact is, most of the would be astronauts (Han Solo included) would use a blaster, a lazer, an atomizer or any other type of fancy name given to a much easier to use device: the ray gun.

Hey, they made spectacular light-shows in the movies ! They could be "set for stun", or "sleep" or "obey" and bring lots of new stories to a kid's imaginary world...

3-Colour Super Sonic Gun, Merit, UK
My all time favorite - maybe just because the box is so great.(found in London, Portobello market) - the inner box says it all: Electronic Magnetic Energizers, Spectroscopic Beam Converter, Ignition and Discharge Chamber, Gravitational Field Reactors, Interplanetary Transmission Sight, Atomic Power Chamber, Space Beam Receiving Aerial, Energy Condenser Chamber, Energy Ray Release Trigger, Interplanetary Gravity Stabilisers, Cyclotronic Acceleration Chamber and Supersonic Beam Amplifyer.... all in one piece of plastic. Oh boy... This thing has more gizmos then an F-16...

Space Outlaw Atomic Pistol (and repro box), BCM, UK

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