Sunday, March 4, 2012

My other block head....

Electric Robot, Marx, USA, 1950's
Another classic US-design. This robot is a pure example of the atomic 50'ies - with a grin that is either laughing at you or trying to teach kids to brush their teeth ! (hey, I ate too much oily candy and now my mouth is looking like a radiator !)

Finish it up with a Morse Code chart on the back of his head (yes, robots of that time did not speak in Bits and Bytes, but in Morse - through a buzzer system...) and a son that is always kind of missing (help me find him back) and you have the all mighty skirted Mr. Electric Robot.

Together with Robert - they are some of Marx's best.

Another one I am trying to find is Big Loo - if you have one lying around please contact me. This would make the familly even more complete !) (see my wanted list at the right side).

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